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The Cries of Many
16th-Jan-2009 08:48 pm

AUTHOR: Eprinces<eprinces@livejournal.com>
TYPE: series/ Ongoing, Hiatus
RATING: Ratings from G - NC13
PAIRING(s): Yoosu, changmin
GENRE: Romance, Drama)
SUMMARY:  Junsu had always been faithful man to his lover and was thankful to God for giving him a man like Yoochun, a handsome and loving boyfriend. However, the perfect love/relationship didn't last long. When Yoochun cheated a year ago, Junsu gave him the benefit of the doubt only because Yoochun told him it wouldn't happen again and because he loved Yoochun too much to let him go. After a year since the last incident, Yoochun did betray him once again. To Junsu, everything had come to the end for good with no turning back. On the other hand, to Yoochun, it was just another mistake or a misunderstand as he called it.

Chapter 2: Unpleasant Summer Day

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