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The Cries of Many
FIC: The Asylum of Black Iris [Section II] 
25th-Oct-2008 08:52 pm


By soloscry


You do not have to be a reader of “The Underground Venus” to read this sequel <3.

Oh man, it’s truly been ages since I updated this little sequel to “The Underground Venus”. I’ve been so horrible with updating *sighs*. So many stories, so little time LOL!!! I sincerely apologize to readers who have been so patient with me T_T.

This section is quick. I was meaning to write more but felt my writer's block nag at me. I've been updating a lot this past week, so my brain is pretty much telling me to piss off LOL!!!

Unlike "Circus of the Damned" and "Mysteria", please don't think too much about the plot in this one.

I decided that my other stories are crazy enough already, so I'm going to not put too much in between the lines in this story. It's pretty point blank and doesn't need much thought. So for readers who think deeply about my insanity (you guys know who you are *smooches*), please do just relax and read Asylum LOL!

It's actually so point blank, it's boring.

New Secion:


It puzzled him sometimes… that look on Junsu’s face. The boy’s eyes would darken and cloud, the everlasting smile on his face suddenly looking misplaced and apart of a different body.

It was times like these that Yoochun wondered if Junsu had a second personality… another person lurking under his lover’s beautiful crystalline black eyes. A darker side perhaps. A Mr. Hyde.

They were sitting openly at the bureau; something that any other officer would have took great measures to avoid.

But not Park Yoochun.

He wanted the world to know that Junsu was his; all 5’9” of that shapely male flesh, property of one psychological expert of the United States CIA.

“Yoochun-ah…?” Junsu looked nervous, his eyes downcast from across the table, “I really want to find a job.”

With a dangling piece of sushi between his fingers, Yoochun froze with it half-way up to his mouth. He scowled, giving Junsu a practiced glare, “Didn’t we already talk about this?”

Junsu’s cheeks puffed and he released a deep sigh of exasperation, “I don’t see what the problem is. If we can’t have a kid then there’s no point in me sitting at home staring at the wall.”

“Oh no, please tell me we’re not about to discuss the adoption thing again.” Yoochun placed the sushi back into its container and leaned back against his chair, his arms coming up to cross against his chest, “First of all, I make enough money for the both of us. There’s no need for you to get a job. Secondly, a child is simply too much responsibility.”

Yoochun could tell that Junsu was about to explode, but as expected, the boy quickly controlled himself and stood, he met Yoochun’s gaze with a determined press of his lips, “I am going to go look for a job. It’s not about the money. I’m lonely at home and I want to have something to do for myself.”

“Like what?” Yoochun stood up to match Junsu’s defiant stance, “What could you possibly do here in America? We aren’t in Korea anymore, Junsu.”

Junsu’s eyes widened for a millisecond with shock before he narrowed his eyes. No doubt he hadn’t expected Yoochun to be so forthright about the situation, “I don’t care what it is, I want to do something. Anything.”

Truth be told, Yoochun did not like the idea of Junsu being anywhere near society. He didn’t want people other than their current circle to be near Junsu. There was something about Junsu’s mentality that called to him, told him to stop any possible threat from waltzing into the boy’s life and thoroughly ripping it apart.

Over all, Junsu was his. And letting the boy meet too many people would eventually strangle his hold on him.

It was selfish. Yes, but Yoochun had never felt so vehemently about something in his entire life. There was no way he'd let Junsu out of his sight. Not until it was safe.

“We’ll discuss this at home.” Yoochun grabbed his blazer and slipped it on, “I’ll walk you out.”

Junsu didn’t respond, but he followed Yoochun nonetheless.

The chaste kiss placed on his cheek somehow relaxed Junsu’s clenching shoulders, he sighed, defeated, “Jaejoong asked us over…” Before he could finish the sentence, Yoochun answered him.

“5:30. Sharp.” With a squeeze of his hand, Yoochun offered him a big grin, “Thanks for the chow, love.”

Junsu nodded quietly, his eyes never leaving Yoochun’s retreating back. Seeing movement at the corner of his eyes, his gaze flitted to the side. The lady officer that had first greeted him was watching their interaction. A deep scowl heavy on her pretty features. He quickly turned away and pushed his way out the door, his heart beating loudly.

Will it always be like this…?

He arrived at their apartment a half an hour later, moving quickly up the steps to the fourteenth floor. The apartment was large and spacey. Tasteful furniture lined the interior and the lights immediately blinked on the moment his foot touched the marble tile.

The floor had sensors. Yoochun had said that it could sense body heat and would light the apartment accordingly. At least, the man didn’t lie.

Though Yoochun did have his quirks.

It struck Junsu as odd that there wasn’t a single sharp object in their home… nor any object that could be used as a weapon.

Junsu would have thought that Yoochun would have all sorts of weaponry stowed in his apartment. He looked the type.

"Ah! Fuck!" A burly man choked, his hand coming up to fight against the foot pressed against his throat, "... shit, get the fuck off me!"

Changmin smirked, crushing the man's throat even further into the dark concrete, "I'm afraid I'm going to have to decline." He gave the suit-clad man an innocent look, leaning down to stroke his captive's forehead with his 9mm. The cuff of his pressed black suit riding up gently as he stopped to press the pistol flush, "I'm simply having too much fun."

The man was sweating, his eye wide as the click of the safety being lifted echoed loudly in the underground parking lot, "... w-what... do you want... from me?" He couldn't breath, his face turning a few shades darker.

Changmin shrugged, "Where is the file? I want it." His drawl was lazy, if anything else.

"W-what file?"

Changmin's eyes were dull, his pressed black suit crinkling from his impatience. With a small movement, an awful crunch emitted from the man's throat, a strangled scream followed, "Tell me where the Venus file is."

The man's eyes got impossibly wide, "H-how..."

From around the corner, sounds of footsteps caught Changmin's attention. He glanced over his shoulder at the direction of approach. He frowned. Approximately 245 meters.

The man wouldn't hear it until the distance was less than 50.

At the end of his patience, Changmin dug his heel as tightly as he could without snapping the man's thick neck. Changmin finally kneeled, his voice coming out in a growl, "Where is... the fucking file?"

It was a few minutes later when the guards finally turned the corner, a grosteque scene greeting them; the CEO of their company laying dead on the concrete, his neck snapped and his head still lolling from side to side from the inertia used to kill him.

Yunho sat in a pitch black room, the computer in front of him the only source of light. Despite the darkness, Yunho's fingers blurred over the keyboard. His typing was rapid, accurate, and to the point.

Millions of codes dashed across the screen, page after page running through.

Child's play. Getting through the protective walls had been like shredding tissue paper and passing the security locks had been like mushing play-dou. It was ridiculous.

The database proved to be worthwhile however. Only after a few short hacks, it provided him with the two names. Leaving only one name left.

Quickly covering his tracks and shutting the computer off, Yunho stood. He pocketed the data disk and grabbed the rope dangling next to his ear. With ease, he pulled himself up a metal catwalk. As soon as he was on his feet, his hands came up to pull his sniping rifle off his back.

The list had been surprisingly long, but had been easily dealt with.

Sickeningly easy. Unfortunately, most of the names had been Changmin's. Only a scant few had been Yunho's or Yoochun's.

Hopefully, the last piece of information should change that. He dusted his off his black suit.

It wouldn't do if Changmin was the only one having all the fun.

Reaching the end of the catwalk, Yunho quickly settled into a prone position against the metal mesh in front of a tiny window. He pulled a single bullet from his wrist band and slipped it into place. With a flick of his thumb, the rifle buzzed into life.

With a few clicks, the sight was set and the safety was off.

The end to the entire ordeal was close in sight.

But before any of that though... Yunho smirked, placing a pair of tinted goggles over his eyes until a sharp red line could be seen shooting out from the sight on the rifle.

Some things needed to go.

The building was almost lifeless now.

Sunday scoffed, sipping at her coffee. It has been an hour since that boy had left and his presence still irked her. It was as if his damned aura was lingering about in the air and refused to vanish from her surroundings.

It was crazy to think that such a handsome man as Officer Park could be gay. A waste, really. He was top of the line, rich, and talented. Seeing him with that little boy was a direct stab to her pride.

She'd worked hard to get to this department and she'd be damned if something as little as this was going to get the best of her.

At least... not without stirring it up some.

Junsu blinked at the wall adjacent from him, his mind shuffling through all things he wanted to discuss with Yoochun.

He needed to be independent, even if it was for a few hours a day. Home was too quiet. He needed something to take his mind off of... things.

He was about to go insane here. The only thing in the apartment that even possessed life was a bundle of irishes sitting on their balcony. In which case, only a few were actually healthy. The others withered black in the sunlight.

It was a few minutes before 5:30pm when the door to their apartment opened and Junsu stood up from his position on the sofa.

His breath was becoming slightly staggered by the time Yoochun appeared, pulling off his shoes, "I'm home."

Junsu sighed, a soft smile making it to his face. They had problems, but it was always a comfort when Yoochun came home. The apartment's still silence would be replaced by the upbeat man's voice and the thundering of his loud movements, no matter how gloomy Junsu felt, it'd all change the moment Yoochun grinned at him.

Perhaps love had a way of doing that to people.

It was disconcerting.

Something, however, was off.

When Yoochun loosened his tie and Junsu paused, his eyes shifting to look at the mediocre accessory with a frown, "Were you wearing that tie today...?"

Yoochun looked down at it in surprise before looking back up, he looked slightly uncomfortable, "Ah... yeah. I did. Why?"

It was the third or so time this month that he'd noticed Yoochun coming home with something different on.

Junsu attempted to smooth over his frown and smile, trying his best to stop his mind from reeling, "Did anything interesting happen today?"

Yoochun shrugged, his eyes darting to the side as he hung up his coat, "Nah. Nothing." He grinned when his eyes caught Junsu's, "You were the only interesting event in my life today."

Junsu rolled his eyes, allowing Yoochun to pull him into his arm's, "For some reason, I really doubt that."

Yoochun kissed the side of Junsu's lips, the heat of the other man's body making him hard, "Mm... but you definitely were."

Junsu moaned when Yoochun's hips came into contact with his, memories of their first meeting making him blush, "We have to go soon..."

"It won't take long." Yoochun was already pulling Junsu's shirt up.

"We can do that later... you said we would talk, remember?"

Yoochun froze, a sigh leaving him as he pulled away, "Aw, come on, Su..."

Junsu pulled Yoochun's reluctant body to the living room and sat him down, "I really want to do this, Yoochun. I'm really bored at home..."

"I got you a computer. You could... blog or something."

"What's wrong with me getting a job?"

Yoochun stared at him for a moment before jerking him onto the sofa, "Okay, look. Give it another two weeks. Just two more weeks and we can what you want, alright?"

Junsu watched him, "Two weeks?"



Yoochun shrugged nonchalantly, but something about his careful facial expressions made Junsu suspicious, "There's something I want to take care of." He let out an exhausted exhale and held Junsu's hand, "Two weeks and we can do anything you want. Please?"

"You promise?"

"On my magnum's grave."

Yoochun looked so serious, Junsu had to laugh, "Your magnum?"

Yoochun frowned, confused, "Yeah... what?"

Junsu shook his head, touching Yoochun's cheek with a soft smile, "Nothing."

These ex-soldiers and their guns. It was almost cute.

Junsu tiredly leaned down to give Yoochun a chaste kiss, "Two weeks. No more than that, okay?"

It was a rare sight to see Yoochun actually smile. Something genuine that shone through his eyes, unlike his mischievous grins. "No more than that."

Junsu pressed lightly on the metal doorbell next to the clean steel door of Yunho and Jaejoong's apartment. He decided he would just meet Yoochun here. It didn't make sense to wait at home while the other man cleaned himself up.

It'd been a while since he'd been able to just talk with Jaejoong about things anyway.

The door clicked open and immediately a loud cry could be heard from inside. Jaejoong's head popped out and the other boy smiled widely at him, "Su! You're early!" He pulled Junsu into the apartment and cheerfully called out to the other occupants in the household, "Keita! Kahoku!"

Junsu waved when Keita came into sight, a bundle in his arms, "Oh, Junsu! How are you?"

They hugged briefly and Junsu stepped away to look at the baby girl Keita was cradling, he felt his entire being lift and his eyes brightened, "Oh, this must be Jove!"

Keita nodded, shifting her over to Junsu's arms when the other moved closer, "Yep, she's a little bit edgy but cute to boot."

Junsu held the warm body to his chest. He could just see Yoochun holding her and it made him excited.

Maybe if Yoochun saw her... he'd change his mind.

A child was what a couple hoped for. Even one as weird as theirs. Junsu was sure of it. When he'd been apart of the Venus, even seeing the outside world had been just a dream. A real relationship felt out of reach and a child definitely had been too farfetched.

But now... Junsu kissed Jove on the cheek when she grabbed his hair.

It just felt like such a waste if they didn't try. The opportunity was so close Junsu couldn't stand it.

He wanted it so badly it hurt. After all, a child would make them so...


End of Second Section:
“The Asylum of Black Iris”

Just what the hell is HoChunMin doing? XD

Hahaha, this story is kind of on the boring side. I mean, there is more excitement in my other stories and this one just feels so dull. But then again, the plot for The Underground Venus and Asylum has always had this contra-attitude in them. Geezus, this just makes me realize just how much I jump genres O_O.

All pictures re-sized to fit

~Yunho x Jaejoong~

~Yoochun x Junsu~

~Changmin x Keita~

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING <333333333!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

26th-Oct-2008 03:56 am (UTC)

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Nooooooo............ That was NOT some suggestion of Chun cheating on Su, right? The 'YooSu' love refuses to accept that. And seeing how possessive and protective Chun is, that is totally not possible.

HoChunMin.. Let me guess.. There's still some evidence of the Underground Venus left and they want to fully get rid of it so that their loves could really have a fresh start and never ever be haunted by the dark past again?

Oh.. it's not boring like you say.. the mention of Su's mentality keeps me guessing as to what would happen next.. enough suspense here. Though I do think that it is indeed kind of straightforward as compared to your usual writing style.

Previous chapter, you mentioned something about having only three parts for this. So we're expecting a finale next?
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i wonder whats wrong with su, maybe thats why yoochun wants to wait 2 weeks
changmin and yunho like to have some fun even though they arent elites anymore huh? XD
27th-Oct-2008 04:23 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry I'm so late T-T

My internet was playing up on me yesterday but apparently it was doing it to everyone just mine happened to start earlier than everyone's T-T And then today my Dad came to visit me because it's his last day in China before he heads back to England so I haven't had any time to read this yet but I'm going to take my Dad to the airport tomorrow and then when I get back I'm going to finally read this, which I've been dying to do and leave a proper comment ^-^ I promise that I will read and comment on this asap ^-^ <333 And to make up for it *huggles tightly* ^-^ Hope that helped.

*saves spot*
28th-Oct-2008 11:39 am (UTC)
Again I apologise for being even more late now. My dad's flight left early and he wasn't told so by the time we got to the airport the plane had already left and the earliest flight is on Thursday. But they wouldn't refund him the ticket even though it was their fault and lets just say it got more frustrating after that.

Anyway back to better things, the fic ^-^

Su really worries me in this fic. This mental stability really worries me especially with the thoughts he sometimes has. I really hoped that being with Yoochun would have helped things and even though it has to a certain extent but it still seems that Su hasn't fully overcome everything in his past. Distractions seem to be good for him but I can also understand where Yoochun is coming from, not wanting anything to happen to Su because he knows how fragile he is both mentally and physically. I just hope that he will be able to last till the two weeks and that nothing happens to him before then. And that Su doesn't get any wrong ideas with Yoochun coming back in different clothes.

And I really don't like the sound of Sunday, I don't know what she is thinking but whatever it is I can't see it being good. I hope she doesn't hurt Su, it's the last thing he needs.

Hmmm, it seems that HoChunMin seem to be on a mission to get rid of anything and anyone that know anything about the Venus Underground. And they seem to enjoy going back to their Elite days of kicking ass ^-^ And it seems that Min out of the three of them has enjoyed himself the most so far ^-^

Awww, Su is so sweet holding the baby, lets hope Yoochun sees it that way when he arrives ^-^

I can't wait for the next part and I'll try to be on time for that ^-^ <333
27th-Oct-2008 10:48 pm (UTC)
Ja~n ja~n ja~~~n I'm here!!

I didn't comment yesterday when I read cuz I was sooo tired so I'm rereading it XD I like that there's lots of yoosu~ As I am.. Junsu biased and feel that he should have the most coverage...


Yoochun prolly doesn't want children because he doesn't want to fight for Junsu's attention~ aww how cute~ Either that or he's just worthless. Like most men.

Changmin has such an innocent angel face~ Imagine him killing some worthless man who deserved it... :) Hmm.. Yoochun is hiding something... OR IS HE BEING WORTHLESS?!

I guess I'll wait till the next update ;-; or you can secretly send me the chapter before you upload it~<3
28th-Oct-2008 01:56 am (UTC)
finally got time to sat down and read... be back with a proper comment :)
thanks for updating!!!
28th-Oct-2008 02:24 am (UTC)
ok... why are they searching for Venus files and related people???
yoochun should probably tell junsu why he doesnt want him out, maybe junsu would understand or something... dont know.
I wonder what will happen with the yoosu... feels so unpredictable. Anyways... hope you can update this sooner. Im really really looking forward to the next part.
28th-Oct-2008 03:08 am (UTC)
yay i am so thrill to see a updated for this amazing fic. and what a great updated it is. but yoochun need to make that junsu is happy. so i wonder why the whole two week thing. maybe just maybe in two week then the YooSu couple will be pround parents too. and to Sunday just stand far far far away from yoochun. yoochun belongs with junsu. but awesome updated
28th-Oct-2008 05:01 am (UTC)
lol Yoochun doesn't want a baby. Gah what's Yoochun going to do for the next 2 weeks?!?!
Is Sunday going to do something? Is Yoochun cheating?! Since there are hints saying he doesn't wear several items and he did wear it. xDD
Meh I want this story to finish! xD
*hugs* Thank you so much for updating even though it has low feedback I still like it!
29th-Oct-2008 09:02 am (UTC)
why does chun doesn't want a child?

i really love yoosu ficcies!
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