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8th-Sep-2014 11:48 am - joint community
I interested to read all the story. Can you give me permission for that purpose ?.
12th-Oct-2009 01:53 am - Regrets
Title: Regrets
Author: cherriesandice
Pairing: Jaejoong/Yunho
Genre: Angst
Rating: G
Length: one shot

Disclaimer: I do not own, in any way, the hot boys of DongBangShinKi more specifically the characters n this story. Only the plot is mine.

    I could've been strong for us but I let my emotions get the better of me.Collapse )
20th-Jul-2009 10:14 pm - My Sun (2/3)
My Sun (2/3)
Yunho/Jaejoong, PG-13 for language
Angst, Character Death (in Part 1)
889 words
# A plot bunny bymiramaru last year, adopted today.
Previous verse can be found here, please read or you might not understand what the hell is going on 8D

(What do I do now Yunho? What?)

My style might have changed a little because my brain's a little fuzzy and fuzzy brains make my writing go haywire D;

26th-Jan-2009 08:05 pm(no subject)

Title : Wedding
Author : rain_kira
Rating : err G I guess
Length : minishot???
Pairings : someone/you guess, past Yunjae

16th-Jan-2009 09:32 pm - TO WIN YOUR HEART
AUTHOR: Eprinces<eprinces@livejournal.com>
TYPE: Series/ Ongoing
RATING: Ratings from G - NC17
PAIRING(s): JaeHo, Su, Yoo, Min
GENRE: Drama, Comedy (maybe), Romance
SUMMARY:  Jae is second year college student. Jae has never been in love with anyone before. He doesn't know anything nor has any experience in love. Until he unexpectedly finds himself falling under his roommate's spell, a roommate who is so handsome and popular, and yet arrogant and over confident, Jung Yunho. After Jae tries to win Yunho's heart repeatedly, and yet he fails every time. His heart tells him to keep trying, but his mind tells him to just give up. Is Yunho worth his pride and love or can Yunho be the wrong guy?

On the other hand, little did Jae knows that Yunho has stopped trusting people with his heart because of his past experiences. His first lover, Seul, has broke his heart by going to somebody else. Thinking that becoming a gay would be different, he dated a guy and again that guy betrayed him. He vowed never to give his heart to anyone after that. He promised to himself that he wouldn't love again because there is no a true love. However, after meeting his roommate, Jae, who looks more beautiful than any girl he met in his love, he starts questioning himself: can this person change his heart? Can this person be trusting? Most importantly, can he love again?


16th-Jan-2009 08:48 pm - FORGIVE OR FORGET

AUTHOR: Eprinces<eprinces@livejournal.com>
TYPE: series/ Ongoing, Hiatus
RATING: Ratings from G - NC13
PAIRING(s): Yoosu, changmin
GENRE: Romance, Drama)
SUMMARY:  Junsu had always been faithful man to his lover and was thankful to God for giving him a man like Yoochun, a handsome and loving boyfriend. However, the perfect love/relationship didn't last long. When Yoochun cheated a year ago, Junsu gave him the benefit of the doubt only because Yoochun told him it wouldn't happen again and because he loved Yoochun too much to let him go. After a year since the last incident, Yoochun did betray him once again. To Junsu, everything had come to the end for good with no turning back. On the other hand, to Yoochun, it was just another mistake or a misunderstand as he called it.

Chapter 2: Unpleasant Summer Day

16th-Nov-2008 11:02 am - Hot Steam At The Car Wash
i love you (yunjae)
Title: Hot Steam At The Car Wash
Genre: Smut, Romance
Pairing: YunJae
Rated: NC-17
Length: One Shot
Summary: Yunho and Jaejoong get caught up in the moment
at a car wash. >=D
Disclaimer: I do not own anyone of them. But I would be willing to be OWNED
BY THEM. (ehehehehe...*bricked* XP)
A/N: My first ever full blown smut! Please be gentle. *puppy dog eyes* and this is also my first
post in this community so I ask for your support. Thank you. ^^

Link Right Here:




By soloscry


You do not have to be a reader of “The Underground Venus” to read this sequel <3.

Oh man, it’s truly been ages since I updated this little sequel to “The Underground Venus”. I’ve been so horrible with updating *sighs*. So many stories, so little time LOL!!! I sincerely apologize to readers who have been so patient with me T_T.

This section is quick. I was meaning to write more but felt my writer's block nag at me. I've been updating a lot this past week, so my brain is pretty much telling me to piss off LOL!!!

Unlike "Circus of the Damned" and "Mysteria", please don't think too much about the plot in this one.

I decided that my other stories are crazy enough already, so I'm going to not put too much in between the lines in this story. It's pretty point blank and doesn't need much thought. So for readers who think deeply about my insanity (you guys know who you are *smooches*), please do just relax and read Asylum LOL!

It's actually so point blank, it's boring.

New Secion:
they didn&#39;t choose it

Red Shoes
AUTHOR: my_midevilmind
TYPE: [Oneshot]
PAIRING(s): [yoosu]
GENRE: [life...?]
SUMMARY/Clip: [...But it’s not just any toy I want, but that particular one. The toy that makes me laugh and feel warm inside. The toy that I can whisper all my secrets too and I know it’ll never tell a soul. It’s a toy that I can hug whenever I’m feeling down and hopefully he’ll hold me too… ]

Red Shoes

FIC: Beacuse I'm a good boy
AUTHOR: my_midevilmind
TYPE: multi-fic
PAIRING(s): [Yunjae][Yoosu][Sichul][Changta]
SUMARRY: [Bad boy turn good Kim Jaejoong starts off fresh with a new school, new friends, and a new passion. He and his father join his brothers in a life of peace promising to never go back to life of crime, but when trouble smacks him in the face is he just going to ignore it? Can he ignore it?]

[Episode 1 Part 1] [Part 2]
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